What we stand for

Our family business was founded in 1984 in Löhne, Germany.
We started as a welding wholesaler. Even then, it was our aim to offer our customers the best possible advice. For the right purchase decision. 

Here it is of course necessary to have an in-depth understanding of our customers' requirements and to combine this with sound expert knowledge of the state of the art. 

We have maintained our target and our way of working until today and have already led many of our customers to their optimal welding process. A holistic view of the circumstances at our customers as well as our all-round service distinguish us.

Since we always have our eyes on the market and keep up with the latest developments, we have been manufacturing automated, robot-assisted welding systems for 15 years now. 

We keep up with the time and requirements of our customers. 

With the automation of the production processes we get completely new possibilities to increase the productivity, precision and economy of your welding processes. There are almost no limits to finding solutions for your challenges. We create the suitable concept for you and support you with your application. 

Because our customers' success is our benchmark!

Our team

We have experts for each of your requirements

Stefan Kassing

Managing director

Mobile: +49 (0) 171 7721195

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-13

E-mail: s.kassing@kaslon.de

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Stefan Schade

Welding and cutting

Mobile: +49 (0) 160 97225974

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-16

E-mail: s.schade@kaslon.de

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Michael Konarski

Robot programming, project managment, project support Welding and brazing 

Mobile: +49 (0) 151 52560360

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-18

E-mail: m.konarski@kaslon.de

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Carsten Lehmann

Mechanic, Service

Mobile: +49 (0) 160 96489114

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-14

E-mail: c.lehmann@kaslon.de

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Aleksej Urbach

PLC, electrical engineering, project planning, Service

Mobile: +49 (0) 171 1712358

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-17

E-mail: a.urbach@kaslon.de

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Sigrid Tönsmann

Head office

Office: +49 (0) 5731 84203-15

E-mail: s.toensmann@kaslon.de

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